Friday, May 27, 2011


Since I was a little girl I had a certain attitude towards fashion. Oh,no, I was never a girl to be seen in a pink crochet dress and lovely matching shoes. I was always a tomboy. Playing war,soccer,fighting elder boys till noise bleeding and elbow scratches was an everyday mission. My parents "lovingly" called me a destroyer. Pretty soon they learned to accept it especially after one funny episode that happened when I was in kindergarden. It was a tradition at that time to wear your hair in two ponytails with pretentious white or pink bows.I found it shameful and crying injustice so I had to fight the system. It was always a matter of war to me..)
Well, for a couple of weeks my mom couldn't figure out how I could loose all my hair bows cause picking me up at the end of the day she saw me smiiiiiling with my hair, all messed up - I was a scarecrow but free and happy!!!...until...until the gardener cleaning the fall leaves,bless his heart, found  the "grave" for the hair hair bows...
Miniskirts and dresses didn't speak to me either. If there was a newly painted bench or a fence in a 25-mile radius, I'd find it...Granny used to call me a gipsy - I loved to throw a bunch of outfits on me,all at once, headscarves in particular and just stroll about the streets...showing off and giggling..) Lack of taste or wild spirit?..) I'll let you be a judge of that!
Time went by and gradually I became someone who loves fashion but mostly the feeling being close to it. Fashion changes a lot in us,changes US, but few of us actually change fashion. I'd love to share what I think of it and how it evolves, its trends and its "moods".I thank those who will take that journey with me!

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