Saturday, May 28, 2011


Women love flowers and those who don't - simply pretend not to..)  Flowers are symbol of awakening, renaissance,when they start blooming, so do we, we open up, leave winter clothing behind and walk free on the streets of our cities. There are so many of them - freesias, lilies, tulips, roses, azaleas... All, so very different, all unique in their glory, aroma, beauty, form and shape. Just like us.
We tend to lean to them,we can't take our eyes off them...this season more than ever.  Icon designers are offering variety of juicy and yummy floral patterns.

Don't be afraid to stand out from the pack,take the risk, experiment and your spirit will shine through!!!! Even when I'm down,going through a haze or having that jewellry-free day, I'll  have my crimson lips as accessory..) Bold looks? Bring it on!

And here is me, being floral - let's dance!


  1. You are gorgeous

  2. образ с шляпкой просто неподражаемый!
    великолепный лук!!

  3. Cпасибо, очень приятно!!!