Sunday, May 29, 2011


I love speed. I love driving. There is nothing like driving alone, listening to the most catching FM hit, somewhat silly, yet perfect with the windows down, wind, in my hair – in those moments I embrace life, singing out loud , feeling like a  rockstar ..)) I’m full of happiness, I feel I could conquer the world, suffer defeat with my chin up and conquer again. It’s the control of the car that gives me the drive.  I don’t know how people felt centuries ago riding a horse, but it surely feels good riding 430 of them at once! Just like that, with one touch of a pedal.  Recently I gave my heart away to the red stud, shiny in its armour, passionate and noble and  it is mutual..) For now…
I’m all in for safe driving, but sometimes you have to let it go… your safe mechanisms loosen up and you get carried away… you follow the drive!

The LV Cruise Collection Ad Campaign 2011  oozes sexiness, using retro cars and simple elegance as the key attraction, giving off the va-va-voom look.


  1. That should be a promo for corvette campaign! You r amazing!

  2. Could u please tell me what are ur shoes?..)

  3. Thank you, and it's Louis Vuitton shoes.