Sunday, November 9, 2014


dress - Ralph Lauren, bag -Louis Vuitton, pumps - Salvatore Ferragamo

and a warmer version -

                        coat- Ralph Lauren, shoes- Ivanka Trump, scarf - Gucci, bag- Louis Vuitton

This beautiful fall began and I was looking forward to a trip to the mountains - because that's the best time of the year you can go and fall in love with the leaves changing season -it's truly inspiring and amuses me every time. It's not better than Christmas, but close :)
However, plans kept me busy here in Florida, and once it got chilly I enjoyed every chance I got walking in the park nearby, after work, on the weekends, when the air is crisp and cool...beautiful sunlit pathways, and yes I have comfortable shoes, pumps are just for work and mere pleasure! :)
Next post I'll dedicate to my recent trip to DC.

Have a great week!

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