Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall outfit

My October just slipped away, I was constantly busy, celebrating my birthday, my friends' birthdays (seems like everybody I know was born this month!!) , catching a cold is always a fall tradition..( then travelling...ok...I'm done with excuses...finally I pulled myself together and have some time to make another post! Ta da!!!
Recently I was watching "The Holiday" movie AGAIN!!..)) and I gotta say Cameron Diaz (no offense Kate Winslet!!..)) has some outstanding outfits that are so up-to-date and fashionable this season as well! Take that gorgeous Christian Dior brown cozy coat for example!

By the way Blake Lively was spotted wearing very similar coat just last winter, while "The Holiday" came out in 2006! That just prooves that elegance and chic never go out of style!

Now living in the southern part of the USA I wouldn't be able to pull it off till probably mid January if so, but that inspired me to find a warm brown vest more suitable for our climate and that amazing Ugg handbag that is a must this season! Have to get it!

Enjoy beautifull fall days everybody!!!!!


  1. красные листья и синий свитер,как контрастно, как красочно! и далеко эта осень не серая)

  2. Thanx a lot! So do I!)))
    Юля, спасибо, эта осень точно не серая! Долой серость, да здравствует буйство красок!))